Monday, January 29, 2018

Get a great workout using this ONE machine!

Journey Fitness Smith Machine Workout

This workout is great when you are pressed for time, but want to get a full body workout in!

If this seems easy, increase weights each set! ENJOY!

All exercises are done on the Smith Machine. Warm up with 10 minutes of cardio, then perform all sets of an exercise before moving on. You should set the weights according to what you can lift. Although you are scheduled for 3 sets, I recommend a practice set to determine your weight. When you start struggling at the 11th rep, THAT counts as your first set.

Click the exercise names to see an illustration of the exercise.

Back Squat 3 Sets of 15 reps with moderate weight
Lunges 3 Sets of 15 reps on each side with light-moderate weight
Shoulder Press 3 Sets of 15 reps with light-moderate weight
Bench Press 3 Sets of 15 reps with light weight
Bent Over Row 3 sets of 15 reps with light-moderate weight

Leave a comment below letting me know how it went!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

3 Exhausting things to do in the gym to blast calories, and release some tension!!!

I am part of a wonderful group of ladies that get together to encourage and empower one another while we travel our individual fitness journeys. Each day I have a different hashtag in an attempt to lead a discussion, and promote interaction from some of the newer members, while allowing some of the original members (and my clients) to share some insight. While dealing with a decent amount of stress today, I had a weird feeling...I didn't feel like working out. My normal gym time was at least 7 hours away, and I was already thinking of calling it off!! Naturally, I realized that I was being WAYY extreme! I was not going to miss my workout today.

So the question, what effect does stress have on your workout? Does it make you want to go harder, or want to skip the gym? As I suspected, I received mixed responses. While a few will often opt to skip the gym completely, many of the ladies choose to dig in and go harder. I totally understand both stances...while ideally, I wouldn't miss my workout, sometimes mental stress can have such an impact that it can be difficult to want to get out and do anything.

I have a few things that are my go-to exercises when I am feeling frustrated, angry, sad, mad, or stressed! A few rounds of these and you will be so exhausted that not only will you feel better afterward, you may even forget about what was bothering you!

1. Smith Machine

Yes it looks like a squat rack, but it's sooooo much more!! You don't need a spotter with this machine, so crank up the trap music and slap some weight on the bar! I like to do a few warm up sets to get my form right. For each set, I do squats, lunges, and calf raises.

Here are some pointers:
- Perform 10 of each with each weight (squats, lunges, calf raises)
- Increase the weight 5-10lbs (according to comfort) after each set
- It doesn't count until you start to struggle a little bit
- Keep squatting, lunging and calf raising and increasing your weights on everything until you can't complete your set
If your now noodle-legs don't take your mind off of the stress, it may be time to hit something!

2. Punching bag
Sometimes you just need to punch something! There is something to be said about the release you feel after you punch and kick things! When you are angry, or stressed it's even better!

Give this a try:
- 10 punch count with left hand
- 10 punch count with right hand
- 10 kick count with left foot
- 10 kick count with right foot
- 25 jumping jacks
- repeat 3 times
If punching and kicking things isn't helping, maybe a lot of focus and a little pain will work better!

3. Jump rope
Sometime when you are wound up, the best thing is to do something that makes you focus on a steady rhythm. Often, when I'm extremely wound up, jumping rope helps to force me to calm down. If I'm too tense, I suck! Like BAD!!! I often use either a speed rope (the skinny plastic rope) or a beaded rope, so if I'm tense, my mistakes usually are punctuated with a painful whip on my shins. Naturally, it makes me angry, and the cycle continues until I force myself to calm down, drop the anger, and focus on the act and rhythm of skipping rope. You have to be able to not let yourself off the hook. Control your breathing, calm down and focus on getting the job done. (If you aren't already comfortable with jumping rope, this may not be for you...the goal is to REDUCE stress)

Try this:
- 1 minute
- 45 seconds
- 30 seconds
- 45 seconds
- 1 minute
- 1 minute rest
- repeat 3 times

Drop a few lines to let me know how it goes!!
Remember, your goals, strength and self confidence are on the OTHER SIDE of your comfort zone! #MaketheJourney

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